Membership Opportunities

  • General Member
  • Members-at-Large
  • Affiliate Member
  • Corporate Member



Membership Qualifications:

  •  Must be a General or Sub licensed Contractor.
  •  In business or self-employed for one or more years.
    (Newly licensed contractors accepted.)
  •  New Contractors must have city licenses and mission of business.
  •  Must be bound by the Code of Ethics and Standards of
    Conduct of the Association.



Membership Benefits:

  •  Exposes members to inquiries from the business community in their
    respective field of expertise.
  • Allows networking capabilities within the Association Membership,
    providing the immediate availability of expertise and assistance– when
    needed by any one member.
  • Affords group purchasing power in pertinent areas.
  • Provides opportunities to participate in NBCA’s sponsored workshops and seminars
  • Health Insurance Trust for employees.
  •  Life Insurance and Disability Membership Benefits.
  •  Debt Relief and Management Services.
  •  Provides educational seminars on how to do business in the public
    works arena.
  •  Educate Contractors for insurance and bonding requirements.
  •  NBCA will assist Contractors in State Approved Certifications.
  • Provides Federal U.S. Department of Labor and State of California
    Approved Apprenticeship Programs


Membership Application