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Policy, investment and cause have aligned. This synergy, coupled with years of experience implementing
local hire and compliance programs, inspired me to start Los Angeles Housing Compliance, an
independent consulting firm focused on Local Hire, Local Business Development, Outreach and Prevailing
Wage Compliance.

Coming from the general contractor perspective, Los Angeles Housing Compliance is well aware of the
challenges projects face when prevailing wage laws are not complied with. We have developed risk
mitigation policies and procedures to ensure all parties, from general contractors to tiered suppliers,
remain in compliance.

Local hire is the passion and soul of Los Angeles Housing Compliance. On the recently completed first
phase of Jordan Downs, our team members had renowned success via Local Hire. This success was
achieved via collaborations with training programs, apprenticeship committees and grassroots
organizations, structured training programs, retention support via workshops on financial literacy, health
education and legal assistance, care, compassion and commitment.

I invite you to consider the possibility of developing meaningful "win-win" projects, value adds for the
existing community thanks to economic development and meaningful career opportunities.

Margaret Totty